About School

C. C. C School of Cricket caters for both boys and girls between the ages of 8 years to 20 years, and coaching is conducted by its well qualified, experiences, and dedicated coaches. All aspects of the game inclusive of basics, techniques, traditions, laws and etiquette of the game are taught, besides developing their physical and mental abilities required for cricket. The atmosphere around which the students train could be described as very cordial, friendly and peaceful. There is a lot of fun, excitement and happiness which is shared by students and coaches regularly.

A lot of activity is programmed during each year, and these includes many encounters with other schools and academies in the Island, annual, Inter-House, Six-a-Side Tournaments which is conducted to celebrate the Anniversary of the School, and inter-club matches are also played regularly. We also provide many opportunities to our students to participate in foreign tours to neighboring nations like India, Malaysia. During the last few years, the school has undertaken around ten such tours to Bangalore,  Mysore and Chennai in India, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We have successfully participated in the prestigious ALL INDIAN PEPSI CUP and HWELETT PACKARD Cricket Tournaments held in India, and SILVER CUP CRICKET CARNIVAL in Malaysia. These tournaments are conducted annually and our school participates regularly.

Our school hosts many cricket teams annually, from Australia, England, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and U.A.E. These foreign teams have shown a keen interest to make tours to Sri Lanka, and is our wish to invite them to give our boys, much needed exposure through such visits.

Most of our students at C. C. C School of Cricket, come from prominent schools in Colombo and suburbs, while several enthusiastic ones from distant outstations, and some from International Schools also seek entry and guidance from us.

Behind the development and organization of all our activities, stand a dynamic band of enthusiastic parents who form the nucleus of the administration of our school activities. They have sacrificed their valuable time, money and energy to provide the best for the children of the school. Their commitment for the development of the school, has been a tower of strength and a great inspiration to our coach Nelson Mendis, to lead the group to more achievements.


What a pleasing sight to set your eyes upon to see over sixty to seventy young boys and a few girls clad in pure white with a maroon cap on head going through their cricket lessons guided by smarty clad sever to eight coaches on the lush greenery under bright blue sky. This is the vista which attracts any one passing by the majestic Independence Avenue in the heart of Colombo, any afternoon.

The brainchild of legendry Cricket Coach, NELSON MENDIS, the CCC School of Cricket was founded on 2nd February, 1998 at Colombo Cricket Club, Maitland Crescent, with mere six students.

It did not take many years for the School to find it’s feet and establish itself as a leading Cricket Coaching School. In twelve Months the school had over fifty (50) students on roll with age groups ranging from eight to eighteen years plus three coaches. The school made it’s first overseas tour in December 1999 to Bangalore and Chennai, India. By 2002, the School had over hundred students with five coaches. Our teams from Under 12 to Under 18 have so far made twenty (20) tours abroad up to date, and the current tour to Hyderabad will be the twenty first (21st) tour.

Another vital land mark in the School’s history was the pioneering effort of the Parents Executive Committee, which was established in the year 2003, in organizing and conducting the now famous, INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONAL UNDER 14 CRICEKT TOURNAMENT in 2004. This unique, first it’s kind attracted teams from INDIA, PAKISTAN, AUSTRALIA, BANGLADESH, MALAYSIA, U.A.E and MALDIVES.

In 2017, the 13th edition was successfully completed with 36 teams taking part. This popular tournament is a much looked forward to event in the South Asian Region.

The School, today enjoy the presence of over 300 students with eight qualified coaches. The School’s Coaching Programmes are broad and meaningful, and not merely tournament oriented, but explicitly more focused in building character and imparting discipline among students. Special emphasis is also made to ensure that students enjoy participating in matches where spirit of true sportsmanship and camaraderie is maintained to the fullest.

The Parents Executive Committee, headed by Director of Coaching Nelson Mendis has been very active in helping the organizational, management, and development activities and strategies of the School. The Committee is fully supported by the loyal and philanthropic set of parents which the School is fortunate to have.

Our achievement are far too numerous to mention in an article of this nature, but it will be suffix to state, that C C C School of Cricket, has dominated the loyal inter Academy / Club / Schools Tournaments over the years, and still continues to do so. Our students have won honours at many a Sports Tournament / Championship, and have earners a name of themselves.

We are very proud to record that seven (7) of our students have gone on to grab national honours by representing the Country at Cricket. Miss. MADHURI SAMUDDHIKA, DILSHAN MUNAWEERA, ASHAN PRIYANJAN, KUSAL JANITH PERERA, RAMITH RAMBUKWELLA, ANDRIE BERENGER (U.A.E), and the latest SADEERA SAMARAWICKREMA.



Our School motto is “Disciplined are the Noblest of men” , and it epitomizes the character of the institution.


“To be the best Cricket Coaching School in Sri Lanka and India”


“To help young cricketers to develop their hidden talents and in the process, assist them to achieve their goals, whilst, also widening their cricket horizons by playing the noble Game, in the correct and true spirit of sportsmanship, while helping them to be successful in cricket betting to be able to evaluate all kinds of aspects during the match. That is what we eager to achieve in our business.”


School has named it’s four houses after world renown icon of the game